Month: July 2008

PHP Resources for Finding Great Code

As a new PHP developer, I am pretty sure these following resources are worthwhile to have a look

Free PHP
offers lots of free PHP scripts and resources. Website navigation is
very clear and all the free stuff is divided into 6 sections –
Free PHP Scripts, Commercial PHP Scripts, PHP Resources, PHP Tutorials,
Web Resources, and PHP Hosting. A great feature of is the
request area, where you can request the script you need. They also have
PHP forums, support forums, programming chat, and PHP resource links.

The PHP Resource Index is a free directory offering over 3,600 free PHP
scripts and over 300 functions and classes. The PHP scripts are
ready-to-use PHP programs, while the functions and classes are not
complete scripts but code pieces that can aid in application
development. The navigation is very intuitive. Basically, there are 5
main categories – Complete Scripts, Functions and Classes,
Documentation (information, books, tutorials, examples and help
regarding PHP programming), Community (this is where you’ll find
resources such as jobs, chats, message boards, developer sites and much
more), and Web Hosting (find a Web host for your PHP programs). You
will need to become a member in order to download the code. However,
this only takes about 2 minutes of your time.